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Congratulation to the winners of the 
Gerald Patrick Scholarship Fund 

Ernesto Nichalos Marin
Justin M Pucci

Both winners have parents who are members of Branch 576!!

Gerald Patrick Scholarship Fund Criteria

Applicant must be a dependent child under the age of 23 of an active, retired, or deceased Arizona NALC Member.

Applicant must be a high school senior, a junior nearing completion of his/her junior year or a graduate of High School or equivalent (GED) or attending an accredited college, community college, trade school, or higher education (undergraduate) at the time of submitting the scholarship application.

In the case of a junior applying, they will be required to submit not only grade transcript for their senior year.

Applications must be submitted on form or copy provided by the Arizona State Association of Letter Carriers.

Application must show proof of acceptance to an accredited college or trade school.

Applications must be received before the last day of June.

Applicants show proof of age.

Applicants must received the endorsement of the President or Secretary of the Branch in which they claim eligibility.

There will be a minimum of 2 scholarships awarded of $1,000 each on a yearly basis.

All funds shall be awarded after acceptance to school of applicants choice.

The funds shall be made payable to both the student and the school.

Scholarship committee shall review all applications to assure that all criteria have been followed and met. the decision of the scholarship committee shall be final.

In the event the student withdraws from school all monies shall be returned to the scholarship fund.  Any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the committee.

Scholarships not used within one year of the drawing date shall be returned to the scholarship fund.

If the NALC member withdraws for the union, applies for or enters supervision, or terminates employment with the Postal Service, the scholarship will be cancelled. Children of 204-B's are excluded from making applications for two years following his/her qualifying letter carrier's return to the craft.

Prior scholarship winners shall not be allowed to re-apply in future scholarship campaigns.

The scholarship Committee shall award the scholarships by random drawing of all eligible applicants.

The drawing shall be held at such time as selected by the scholarship committee.

Two alternatives shall be drawn in the event that the scholarship winner is later ruled ineligible.

The alternative names will not be disclosed.

Please note:   The Scholarship Application will be posted shortly to this website.

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